Elsa and Zeltrax
This shot of the Attack Craft is Sentai which originates from Abaranger 1.
This Crafft cockpit shot is Sentai and it originates from Ep 1..
But something I can confirm is once you see the Tyrannosaurus Biozord then that is when it definitely goes into Sentai footage however that originates from Abaranger 1.
Dino Morphers
I do believe this was probably a case of editing, the Biozords are in Sentai footage but the Jeep was edited into the footage
Sentai red vortex
New footage of Ptera Grip
Tyranno Staffwhich is also new.
Looks new
These images/pictures are Z-Rex Blaster stock sequences/shots  
Rangers' victory pose looks new
Zeltrax in air is Sentai
Looks to be new 
Once you see the Pterazord then that is when it goes back to Sentai footage however that Ptera Biozord shot, I couldn't tell you where it comes from but more than likely it's Abaranger 1 since that's the only episode that featured the Biozords in Abaranger.
The Biozords are all from Abaranger 1 footage.
This shot of the Attack Craft is something that I'm not certain about... at the moment... however after reviewing things, it is Sentai footage and it looks like it originates from Abaranger 2.
Pretty sure this is new
Pretty certain this close-up shot of Ethan's Morpher is also new
Also new
Likely new
Likely new as well
Definitely new
Once you see the Rangers in the same shot as their Dinozords as they're entering into them then that's typical Sentai stock footage.
Once you see the Thundersaurus Megazord landing on the ground then that footage comes from Abaranger 2.