Start of Sentai footage, with the Zord Bay
This is also Sentai footage, the humans in the shot are also Sentai
Also new
Kaprizord on Computer At this moment I can't confirm or deny what it is.
Once you see the zord combination sequence then that is when it definitely goes to Sentai footage.
Kaprizord Cockpit
Shimazuzord Cockpit
Marahzord Cockpit
Once you see the Samurai Thunder Megazord and the Samurai Storm Megazord then that is when it goes back to Sentai footage.
New footage of Kapri
New footage of Shimazu and the girls

NOTE: Besides the shot of the Kaprizord shown on Cam's Super Computer Monitor which was new footage, all other zord scenes/shots were Sentai footage.
The cockpits for the Kaprizord, Marahzord and Shimazuzord are all new and have no ties to their counterpart cockpits.