New footage of Goldwinger and Vexacus
Now you will be seeing images of the Gold Dust dimension that Tori was sent to.
You can see Blue Face in the background here
Here's Choobo and Madtropolis as well as Kelzaks
Here's a Monster walking on the Beach but it's not a monster that I can recognize
Copybot and 1 of the Toxipods could also be seen on the beach.
Mr. Ratwell can also be seen on the beach
Here's at least one Monster, perhaps 2 on the beach
Treyf can be seen in this shot
Mad Magnet
Big/Magic Mustache
Super Toxipod
New footage of the Rangers on the Storm Chargers TV
Another Monster
Slob Goblin, Tori and Snipster
Toxipod, Skyscrapper
Florabundacus with back shots of Kapri and Marah
Kapri, Footzilla and Marah
Terramole and Snipster behind Tori
New footage of the evil Rangers as shown on Lothor's Ship's Monitor
Space Ninja Striker 
Amphibidor can be seen on the beach once Tori is on it with her surfboard.
This shot is probably Sentai but I couldn't tell you whether it is for sure or not and if it is, I couldn't tell you if it comes from 39 or 40.
However I can tell you with absolute certainty that this shot of Goldwinger is indeed Sentai footage and it's the beginning of footage from Hurricanger 40.
Here's definite new footage
More new footage
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New footage
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The shot of Green in air when he first appears at the Goldwinger battle site appears to be Sentai stock footage.
This shot - it looks new but I can't confirm or deny it
The up-close shot of Green's boots as they land on the ground could be new footage.
Definitely new footage
Back to Sentai once you see these pieces from Goldwinger
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New footage of Goldwinger with his Broken Wing
Our "Thunderstorm Cannon" had destroyed Goldwinger in Hurricanger but they wanted to use the newly-introduced Battlizer to destroy him in Power Rangers.
There was a Giant battle involving Goldwinger due to the Copy Bot reviving and enlarging him however the Rangers instantly went to the Thunderstorm Megazord in order to fight him. There were a few Minizord Fist Punches towards Goldwinger but then a ground-sized Vexacus interrupted the battle due to Vexacus draining the Rangers' energy.
Green Ranger summoned the Mammothzord with his Lightning Riff Blaster and fired its red lasers at Giant Goldwinger.
The Thunderstorm Megazord went atop the Mammothzord and used the Multi-Sphere attack and then used the combination of the Thunderstorm and Mammoth Laser Blast which destroyed Goldwinger.
However all of the zord footage involving Goldwinger was not used in Power Rangers.