Once you see the Giant Wolf then that is when the Sentai footage begins however that originates from Hurricanger 32.
This shot is when Hurricanger 33 begins... footage-wise.
New footage of the 5 Zord Cockpits
The shots of the 3 Wolves in the forest appear to be reused footage. I believe it's Sentai footage but I can't confirm or deny that.
Once you see the Samurai Star Chopper then that is Sentai footage.
Shimazu teleports into Sentai footage, they just added the teleport effect into the footage.
This shot of Wolf appears to be new
Once you see the Samurai Star Chopper then it goes back to Sentai footage.
Another start of Sentai footage
Here are the individuals in their zords

After seeing the Hawkzord fire, it then cuts to new footage of the Green Samurai Ranger.
The portal is new footage but once Cam goes into the portal, it then cuts to Sentai footage of the Ancient World.
New footage
Back to Sentai
Back to Sentai
This looks new
New footage of the Lightning Riff Blaster
Back to Sentai
All zord related stuff is Sentai footage.
Anything involving Totally Talented is new which includes Choobo being by the stage.