Choobo Stamp and Slob Goblin
Here's Slob Goblin by the skateboard ramp

More new footage

Here's when the start of Sentai footage begins
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It's still Sentai footage but I wanted to point out that this shot of the monster's Tongue is Sentai footage and it had been used earlier in the episode
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This is still from Hurricager
Obviously any shots of the Wind Rangers with their visors down/opened is new footage.
The Scroll of Empowerment is stock footage.
The footage of Giant Slob Goblin as seen on the ship Monitor is Sentai shot.
The following shot of Giant Slob Goblin is also Sentai.
Wind Rangers still remain in new footage due to their opened visors. The scenes in which they close their visors, call for the zords and jump-ninja streak is all new footage.
Once you see the zords then that is when it goes back to Sentai footage.
Obviously it's new footage with the Stamps releasing Hunter, Blake and their Grandma but it goes back to Sentai footage once you see the Samurai Star Chopper.
Here's the newspaper cover however I do believe that particular shot of the Wind Rangers went unused - at least from Hurricanger 29 which is where all of the Slob Goblin stuff came from.
All footage of Choobo is new footage.