These shots on Cam's Computer Monitor are Sentai footage  
These shots come from Hurricanger 25
New footage Hurricanger 25 footage of Starvark beginning to appear or in Hurricanger's case, reappear
Ninja Glider(s) are always Sentai.
New footage of Red in midair
New footage of Red and Life Sucker
The first shot you see of 1 Thunder Tsunami Cycle is Sentai footage however they edited it so that it would fire out a laser beam.
New footage of Octink
Any shots of Navy's Cycle is Sentai footage unless otherwise stated.
New footage 
New footage
This is Sentai footage which comes from Hurricanger 25
New footage
Here's new footage
New and
The footage of Big Moustache and Crimson Ranger fighting, as seen on Lothor's Viewing Screen is new footage. However not all of it is new footage.
The footage of Crimson's fight with Moustache goes into Sentai footage with this shot
Once you see Sucker on Cam's Computer Monitor then that is when the footage goes back to new footage.
New footage of Green
More new footage of Green
New footage of Sucker
New footage of Skyscrapper
Back to Sentai, this comes from Ep 25 as well
Back to new footage
Back to Sentai Hurricanger 25 footage
Back to new
Back to Sentai I'm thinking they probably decided to keep this shot because it might have been easier to handle since it transitions into a split screen of his 4 teammates.
Here's the split screen effect that I was referring to Only the Red scene is new since the Sentai scenes with Red in that counterpart episode typically featured Japanese language behind him.
Here's more Sentai footage
Back to new footage involving Yellow and Skyscrapper
Here's another split screen effect, like the last one, only the Red one is new footage, the other 3 come from Sentai.
Back to new
More new footage 
New footage of Giant Starvark 
Back to Sentai footage, this time it comes from Hurricanger 11  
Back to new
Once you see Giant Starvark and part of the Storm Megazord then that is when it returns to Sentai Hurricanger 11 footage.
Back to new footage
Once you see the Storm Megazord again then that is when it goes back to Sentai footage.
The usual Scroll of Empowerment stuff on Earth is the typical Sentai stock footage even though that was used in Hurricanger 13 in order to revive and enlarge Moustache. You'll see the usual flash of light and then you'll see new footage of Giant Moustache
Once you see Red in his Hawkzord cockpit, that is when it goes back to Sentai footage however I do not know which Hurricanger episode it comes from.
Back to new footage
Once you see Giant Moustache once again then that is when it goes back to Sentai footage, that particular Sentai footage comes from Hurricanger 13.
Back to new
Octink's destruction explosion is also new footage.
This shot of the Library, as shown on Cam's Computer Monitor is when it's another start of new footage
Here's new footage of Navy with his Staff in Saw Mode and Crimson with his Staff in Shield Mode  
More new footage of Sucker
It looks like Green's posing may be Sentai footage but I can't be certain on that. However what I am certain of is Green's Shield falling to the ground is indeed Sentai footage as is his Helmet's transition.
New footage of Green in Super Samurai Mode
Once you see the Megazord then that is when it goes back to Sentai footage.
Back to new footage
The Scroll of Empowerment stuff is typical Sentai stock stuff but once you see Giant Sucker then that is actual Sentai footage that comes from Hurricanger 25.
Back to new footage
Back to Sentai footage with this shot of Giant Sucker's Boots
Back to new footage
Here's Green's Saber in Microphone Mode which is new footage.
The footage of Green pressing the buttons on his Saber/Microphone is Sentai stock stuff.
This split screen effect features 3 Cockpits The Yellow Cockpit in that split screen effect is definitely new footage.
All footage involving the zords and the Megazords would be Sentai foootage.
Back to new footage
The sequence of Navy Antler and Crimson Blaster coming together to form the Thunder Blaster is a Sentai stock sequence.
These shots however are new