Snipster and Zurgane
More shots of Snipster on Ship
This shot of fighting civilians is when it's the start of Sentai footage.
Here's Tori near something
Here's when it goes back to Sentai footage, this shot of Snipster in the background as he's watching the boys fight
Here's new footage  
Here's Blue's Sword which is new footage
These shots   are when it goes back to Sentai.
Here's when Blue and Kapri's fight goes back into Sentai footage
This is also Sentai footage, Kapri's Sword striking Blue
This is also another start of Sentai footage however keep in mind that any time you see Kapri completely alone then that's Kapri's actress actually filming those scenes in New Zealand instead of her being edited into the Sentai footage.
Sentai footage
Here's Sentai
Here's when it goes back to Sentai  
Here's Sentai footage
The shots of Kapri's hands reaching for Blue was all Sentai footage however in this particular case? The shot is still Sentai footage however they edited Kapri into the footage.
This shot is Sentai footage since you can only see Kapri's hands
Here's new footage
On Cam's Computer Monitor, the footage of Yellow and Red fighting is when it goes back to Sentai footage.
These shots  are when it goes back to new footage.
This solo shot of Snipster is when it goes back to Sentai
Back to new
Back to Sentai
Back to new 
Here's when Blue's footage goes back to Sentai, once you see this close-up of her Sword
Back to new
Back to Sentai
This shot is likely new since in Sentai, the ground would have been pretty much all sand
Here's when it goes back to Sentai
Any shots of the Ninja Storm actresses that played Kapri and Marah, they were edited into the Sentai sequence in which Blue is striking both of them with her Sword.
Back to new  
Once you see the Jade Turtle in the air then that is when it goes back to Sentai footage.
The Turtle will drop into new footage due to Kapri and Marah's actresses being in the shot.
The Scroll of Empowerment growth method is the Ninja Storm Sentai stock sequence. Every time you see it, it will be Sentai footage once it's seen on Earth.
However in Sentai, the Copy Giant causes Snipster to grow.
Regardless of that, once he's seen as a Giant, that is back to the start of Sentai footage once again.
On Cam's Computer Graphic, only the Turtle graphics are Sentai graphics.