Written on-screen proof of Tori's last name before it was revealed as dialogue
Here's new footage of the Thunder Rangers
Here's Copybot while you can see the real Tori and clone Tori fighting in the background
Here's the start of Sentai footage, with Red in the air
Here's new footage, this time of Copybot flying
This shot of the 2 Rangers being in the same shot as Copybot is almost certainly new footage
New footage of the 3 Rangers
New footage of the Rangers posing
Here's when it goes back to Sentai footage, this time with a closer shot of Copybot
The footage of Copybot firing a beam seems to be edited into the episode as well as the 3 Wind Rangers taking the blast. It looks like to me that the Rangers taking the blast is perhaps Sentai footage. since I do not see the scene in the counterpart Hurricanger episode.
This shot of the Blue Ranger as she's taking the Copybot blasts appears to be Sentai footage but it's likely not from the counterpart episode
Once you see Copybot again then that is when it goes back to Sentai footage.
Lothor's Ship's Viewing Screen shows the rest of the Sentai footage meaning pretty much the rest of Copybot's destructive explosion.
Much like with Mad Magnet's enlarging, you will see the Scroll and it doing the reconstructing magic and then the flash of light however then you will see new footage of Giant Copybot  
Here's a shot of the Rangers of when it goes back to Sentai footage  
Obviously Cam has been pasted onto the communication screen but I really shouldn't have to mention that anymore so I won't.
More new footage of the Thunder Rangers on the ship