Once you see the vines in Turtle Cove then that's new footage.
Here's new footage of Master Org in new but much more powerful form  
Here's new footage with Master Org and the Lunar Wolf Ranger
More new footage
New fotage of Master Org with the Nexus Blade
The beginning of Master Org growing is new footage but once it cuts to this shot then that is when it goes to Sentai footage.
It then cuts to this new footage shot of the Black Bison Ranger and the Red Lion Power Ranger while they're still on the ground as they're looking at Master Org
These shots... of the Master Org... right now I'm calling them new footage because of the buildings  
Here's some definite new footage
Here's new footage
This shot I do not believe comes from this counterpart Sentai episode but I believe it comes from the last episode in which we saw Animus fought. And yes, this would be Sentai footage of course.
This shot is a shot that goes back to new footage
Back to Sentai footage of Animus, also known in the Bandai of America toyline for Power Rangers Wild Force as the Animus Megazord
Here's new footage of the Giant battle
I'm sure this is when it goes back to Sentai
Back to new footage
Yes, Sentai footage
Back to new footage
More new footage
2 big differences here is that Tetomu wasn't interested in retreating like Shayla is. The other big difference is that the zord battle takes place in the city whereas the mecha/robot battle took place in the mountains. Another difference is GaoSilver wanted to battle because during the Great Battle between Animus and their ultimate Org, he actually wasn't able to combine his 3 Power Animals yet. The power of the cursed wolf mask is what gave him the necessary power in order to combine his 3 animals to form a Giant mecha.
Anyway after Merrick calls for his zords to descend, it then quickly cuts to a black-colored background in which you see the Predazord forms from its sequence however they cut the forming the Predazord sequence considerably by a lot.
Back to Sentai
Back to new footage
More new footage
Once you see tthe double sequence of the Predazord and Animus powering up their Finisher moves then that is when it goes back to Sentai footage even though it's just typical Sentai stock stuff.
More new footage
It will then cut to a Sentai shot of the Predazord cockpit.
Back to new footage of the Predazord
New footage of the Predazord blowing up
You will see tthe Lunar Wolf Ranger getting forcibly ejected from his cockpit and then it lands while being forcibly demorphed. After that it will cut to this Sentai shot of Animus
More new footage
Back to Sentai footage However notice closely at the thing on the right, that's not the Animarium, that's the turtle-shaped place that exists solely in Gaoranger.
After the Animarium picks up Merrick and Kite through their beam, it then cuts to an up-close Sentai shot of the Giant Master Org.
New footage of Master Org and the Animarium
Back to Sentai footage
Once you see the feet of Master Org on the Animarium then that is when it goes back to Sentai footage once again.
These shots   are a case of MMPR Productions just copying and pasting Cole and Taylor into the Sentai shot.
The shot of the Rangers calling for their zords while on the Animarium is obviously new footage.
However once you see the zords then that is when it goes back to Sentai footage.
The Rangers' command order of "Wildzords - COMBINE" was reshot  
The shot of the Red Ranger calling for the Soul Bird is also new footage.
This Crystal should be the Gorilla Crystal
This Crystal is presumably the Crystal that Alyssa uses while she's in the cockpit after Taylor gives it to her to either form Double Knuckle or the Kongazord
It cuts back to Sentai footage once you see the Red Lionzord atop its mountain top on the Animarium.
The shots of the Tiger, Shark, Bison and Eagle Crystals shattering are all Sentai footage.
This shot of Lion and Cole is yet just another copy and paste job with an American actor.
Once they notice that their Growl Phones have disappeared then it then cuts back to Sentai footage of the Giant Master Org.
Back to new
It then cuts back to Sentai footage of Master Org.
With this shot of the Putrids, it's definitely not from Gaoranger 50 however I can't be absolute certain whether it's Sentai footage or original/American footage.
Here's more shots of the Giant Master Org however I can't be certain whether it's Sentai or original.
This shot is another one I'm unsure about because it's not from Episode 50. Also this shot and most of the following shots are indeed Sentai footage which originate in Ep 51.