New footage of the Orgs
It looks like any shots of the Lunar Wolf Ranger while he's communicating with Cole is Sentai footage.
After the scenes involving Master Org and Shayla, it then cuts to Sentai footage of Jindrax.
Not sure of the shots of the Org Generals in the Nexus so I won't comment on those shots at all other than that.
Here's new footage of the Dukes
These shots  ... at first I thought they were Sentai but now I am certain they're new. Okay after seeing this in 49, I can safely say for certain that these shots are 100% Sentai.
I believe this shot is new. After seeing this in 49, this is 100% a Sentai shot.
At this point I"m sure the Pillars of Light are Sentai footage but where they come from, I couldn't tell you at this point. However I can safely tell you that the shot of the Lunar Wolf Ranger and the White Tiger Ranger running together is Sentai footage and it comes from Gaoranger Episode 49. Same with the other 2 pairs of Rangers running, both come from 49.
This is new footage
Here's another new shot
You see a Sentai stock shot of Red pulling his Saber from his holster.
Here's new footage
Once you see Retinax's arms retracting... kind of like this shot then that is when it goes back to Sentai.
Yes, this is new footage
Back to Sentai
These shots   are new.
Here's more new footage of Org General Retinax
Back to Sentai
Here's the Org Heart
Once you see Nayzor again then that is still Sentai footage.
This shot is Sentai footage I'm pretty sure this shot was also used in the previous ep after Locomotive Org punches her and sends her flying in the air.
Here's new footage of the 2 Duke Orgs by the Force Field that is blocking the Entrance that leads to the Nexus

It then cuts back to Sentai footage of Nayzor and the Lunar Wolf Ranger.
Back to new footage. Nope, despite the quality this is Sentai footage.
Back to Sentai
Once you see Blue Ranger and Retinax then that is when it goes back to Sentai footage once again.
Once you see the shot of Retinax's Axe then that is when the Sentai footage from Gaoranger Episode 48 begins.
Here's when it goes to new footage, this shot of Org General Mandilok
More new footage
These shots   are back to Sentai footage.
New footage
This shot appears to be a recycled shot from a previous episode... more than likely Sentai footage.
New footage
The top of the Nexus Blade is when it goes back to Sentai footage.
These shots are a combination of Sentai footage due to the Nexus Blade and American footage due to the Jungle Blaster.
Here's more new footage
The 3 Org Generals' explosive destruction is also new footage.