Here's what is the beginning of the Org Heart
This is just another instance of the editors doing anotther copy and paste job of the actor that portrays Cole
Here's new footage of Jindrax This had to be reshot for 2 reasons: one of which is because they use a different mirror for new scenes and the other is because Jindrax couldn't be seen in The Nexus while Master Org is there so they had to place this Jindrax scene in a new location.
This is when it goes to Sentai footage, this shot of this building

These shots of Jindrax   are new
Here's Jindrax in the Fishing Store

Here's the Wallet that Jindrax carries
Here's the Org Card that Jindrax carries
Here's Mike Now some people might not be aware of this but Mike was portrayed by Bob Papenbook, the Legendary voice actor in Power Rangers and Digimon. In Power Rangers, you would remember him best as being the voice of Rito Revolto as well as being the voice of the traitorous evil Deviot.
Here's new footage of the Org in this ep
More new footage

Back to Sentai
It goes back to Sentai footage once the Rangers morph. They cut out the individual roll calls. They just cut directly to the team roll call.
This is new footage due to a neck shot
More new shots
Back to Sentai with this shot
They must like that shot of Red flying in the air since they use it a lot... but then again seems like Gaoranger reuses it a lot as well.
I'm pretty sure this is the start of new footage Not 100% of when it starts but I know the following hit Locomotive lands on Yellow results in a massive display of pyro-sparks whereas the hit in Gaoranger doesn't display that many sparks.
Back to Sentai
These shots   are back to Sentai.
I'm pretty sure this is a bad pick of a flashback shot That thing behind Jindrax in that shot does not fit with the background he was in earlier as he was talking to Toxica via Nayzor's Mirror... so I would like to assume that the shot was taken from Gaoranger.
These shots   are new.
This Savage Blast that is heading towards Jindrax and Locomotive Org is actually the Jungle Blaster's own unique Finisher
This is when it goes back to Sentai, this shot of Locomotive Org sparking up to signal his destruction.
Once it cuts to Jindrax going fishing then that's new footage. Once it cuts back to the zord battle then that's back to Sentai footage. I'm pretty certain any up-close shots of the Horn being used as bait while it's actually being lowered deeper and deeper while it's already in the Spirit World is Sentai footage which includes the shot of Toxica's hand grabbing it.
This shot of Toxica is new
Here's a shot of the zords on the Animarium