Here's Adler's Tombstone
Here's new footage of Tombstone Org  
Here's 2 Dukes with Tombstone which is new
This is new as well
Once the 6 team members' morphs complete, it starts ount in Sentai footage however they then throw a big shot at you because of this shot which is when it goes back to new footage.
More new
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Back to Sentai
Obviously this is a case of editing the actors into the Sentai footage
This shot of Giant Tombstone Org is another instance of going back to Sentai footage but this particular shot is the one that is before he opens his eyes.
Yup, back to Sentai
The sacred pond/water footage of the Kongazord/Giant Org battle as well as the footage of the spirit of Animus is Sentai footage however it's just edited in a way to fit into the watery nature of the pond/pool or whatever you wanna call it.
It's almost like they just used the same Sentai shot but just replaced Merrick with his jacket instead of his Warrior clothes with this shot
They even did the whole Shayla shot in the Deer's Sentai eye thing, only Tetomu is straight in the shot. With Shayla, she's at an angle. Another difference is that it cuts in a specific way so that you can see all of Tetomu in the eye. You never see all of Shayla in the eye.
This is new
Back to new footage
Here's the Deer Crystal in original footage due to that being Shayla's hands and not Tetomu's hands
Obviously White was about to go put the Deer Crystal into her Saber then it cuts into Sentai footage of her glove covering the insert.
All zord-related stuff in this episode is Sentai footage.