Here's new footage of a Time Ship

This exterior shot is Sentai footage.
This shot as well as the one before it I believe are also Sentai footage shots however the following shot is indeed new.
Here are various shots of Alex as well as the other Rangers within the interior of the Time Ship

The Rangers (Trip, Jen, Lucas and Katie) are looking out the Clock Tower window at new footage of some kind of purplish meteor falling from the sky.
After the Rangers (with Alex in charge now) leave their base, it then cuts to new footage of the meteor falling (while you can see a ton of sand in the shot) however it then cuts to a Sentai shot of the meteor falling directly into the water.
It then cuts back to new footage due to the unmorphed American Rangers.
After Jen, Trip, Lucas and Katie's morph sequences end, it then cuts to Sentai footage of a close-up of the Pink, Green, Blue and Yellow boots.
In Timeranger, Alex's counterpart Ryuuga did not contact their Circuit to call for the zords. Throughout all of Timeranger Ryuuga was the one who sent the zords to the Rangers for help however because he was in the past, he was unable to do so however he made plans ahead of time so that it would be activated by a voice-activator device that would automatically send the zords.
After Frax says something about "demonstrating your awesome power" to his zord, it then cuts to a new shot of the exterior of Bio Lab however actuallly it does look like it's a recycled new shot of the Bio-Lab exterior.
After Wes enters into the office (or board room) of Bio-Lab, the scene fades to black and then once it returns, it returns to Sentai footage of Frax.
Obviously any shots of Wes in the board room of Bio-Lab is new footage however once it cuts to a close-up shot of Dragogntron's feet then that is when it goes back to Sentai footage.
After Lucas says something along the lines of wishing Wes was there to help 'em, it then cuts back to new footage of a black limo as well as a Chaeuffer that's wearing pretty much an all black suit.
The scenes that reflect within Wes' 1 eye, all of those scenes are Sentai scenes. However all of the following shots of the limo is new footage.
However it then cuts back to the footage of Dragontron fighting the Q-Rex Megazord Mode but this footage actually comes from Episode 44 as opposed to the earlier Ep 43 footage.

Sentai footage comes from Time Episodes 43 and 44