After Lucas is placed under a spell, the following shot of Frax is new footage.
Here's a shot of them using Gadget as a toy Robot
Here's new footage of Contempra and Frax
As the 3 male Rangers are fighting over who gets to date Anilique, there's a following new shot of Frax.
The footage that displays on the Holoscreen in the Clock Tower... of Contempra and her bracelet, they're both Sentai displays.
All of the fighting between the lovestruck male Rangers is new footage.
This shot of Contempra is when it goes back to Sentai footage. She fires her hand blast in this specific shot.
Here's the frozen toy Contempra which is new footage
Even the following shots of the Canister appearing over the frozen toy Contempra as well as the following shot of the Pink Ranger is new footage.
Sentai footage comes from Time Episode 22