Here's Frax looking at a X-Vault sign
Here's the X-Vault Key
The footage of Frax being in the same shot as the door to the X-Vault is Sentai footage.
Here's Vexicon in the Ship
Here's a shot of the Bomb Balls this looks to be new footage.
Here's new footage of Vexicon
The shot of Frax as he's watching Vexicon have his fun is new footage.
The footage that Circuit sees on the Holoscreen is new too.
Here's another new shot
Vexicon kicks his Bomb Balls and they explode, the shots of him kicking the balls and them landing is Sentai footage.
After that explosion (which appears to be new footage) happens, it then cuts to Sentai footage which starts up with a back shot of Vexicon.
This shot of the inside of the car is new footage. They had to reshoot it because there was a guy in the car in the Sentai footage.
This shot of Vexicon being in front of 2 cars is when it goes back to Sentai footage.
These shots of Vexicon
are when it goes back to new footage.
After Katie has gone crazy, it then cuts to what appears to be Sentai footage of an explosion.
After Jen morphs into the Pink Ranger, it then cuts into Sentai footage of the Blue Ranger in midair.
After Wes morphs, it cuts to a close-up shot of Katie staring at her family photo and then it cuts back into Sentai footage of the other Rangers fighting Vexicon.
After Katie decides that tthe only chance she has is to fight, it then cuts back into Sentai footage of the other 4 Rangers.
Here's a shot of the Megazord in new footage. This Megazord is the Shadow Force in Mode Blue.
The following shots of the Rangers falling out of the Megazord (on the outside of it) is new footage. The zords returning to the time portal is Sentai footage.
Here's Ransik with the Capsule that apparently once held Vexicon
Any X-Vault stuff in regards to Frax opening the door to it as well as the Capsules within are always in Sentai footage.
Sentai footage comes from Time Episode 20