This episode starts off in Sentai footage, starting with a zoom-in on Bunnywhip. This comes from Episode 12.
Green calling for Circuit is Sentai footage. The faraway shot of Circuit flying is also Sentai footage however the up-close shot of him is definitely new footage.
There was Sentai footage of the Rangers calling forth their Vortex Blaster howrever they deleted the footage in this ep because they didn't end up firing it in the Sentai footage.
The shots of Bunnywhip using his Whip in order to latch onto the Megazord's Saber so they couldn't use it, all of those shots were deleted from this episode because of time constraints.
Here's Medicon in the Ship
Here's new footage of Cyclobots
The footage of Medicon that plays on the Rangers' Holoscreen is new footage.
Here's even more new footage of the evil Doctor
Here's new footage of the Rangers
Once you see a close-up of Red Ranger's red boots then it's the start of Sentai footage however the following shots of him spinning in midair and kicking Medicon in the chest is new footage. Once it cuts to the Yellow Ranger then it's back to Sentai footage.
It looks like they reshot the part where Yellow is given a boost by the Red's gloved hands so that she can jump up. Regardless the following shots of her (Yellow) is new.
However this shot which is when he sparks up after Katie attacks him is actually Sentai footage however once it cuts back to when you can see the Yellow Ranger then it's back to new footage once again.
It then cuts into Sentai footage of the Yellow Ranger powering up her Chrono Saber which starts with an extreme close-up of the Yellow Ranger's helmet.
This shot is when it goes back to new footage.
Once you see a close-up of Medicon's Mutant DNA patch then that is when it goes back to Sentai footage including his enlargement sequence however it then cuts back to new footage of the Rangers.
Here's new footage of Giant Medicon, in the same shot as the 5 Rangers
Here's more new footage of Giant Medicon
Here's another new shot of Giant Medicon
Once you see the shot of the Runaway in the Year 3000, that is when it goes back to Sentai footage.
Shots of Circuit saying "Trip, you know what to do" is new footage however it then cuts back to Sentai footage of the Green Ranger calling for their Mode Red configuration.
The umorphed Rangers are looking for Circuit after the show comes back from the last commercial break and all following shots of Circuit in that part is new footage.
Bunnywhip Sentai footage comes from Time Episode 12 and Medicon Sentai footage comes from Time Episode 7