Here's new footage of the Toy Time Jet
The first shots of the 4 morphed Rangers in regards to stopping the confrontation between Wes and Nadira and her army of Cyclobots is new footage.
Here's Jetara which is Sentai.
After Ransik tells him to "go, go and destroy" - it then cuts to Sentai footage which icludes the police cars. Once you see Circuit then it's back to new footage.
Once the Time Jet toy prop flies off, it then cuts to Sentai footage of the toy Jet growing to big size.This Time Jet footage actually comes from Timeranger Episode 1 which includes the following shots of the Rangers reacting to it and Circuit talking about its supersonic speed as well as Pink helping Red jump onto the Time Jet.
Once you see the close-up shots of the Rangers' boots then that's the start of Sentai footage from Episode 2.
After Captain Logan announces they're sending the zords (actually he says the Megazord but whatever) - it then cuts into Sentai footage of the Future preparing for time travel which includes the Trans-Warp Megazord releasing the Time Portal Gate that was on it.
For Time Force Megazord Mode Blue, it looks like the Green Time Flyer forms as the right hand and arm whereas the Blue Time Flyer forms as the left hand and arm. The Yellow Time Flyer forms as the right leg and feet. Jen's Time Flyer forms as the left leg and feet. The Red Time Flyer forms as the torso and appears to be the head as well which means the Megazord cockpit is located within the Red zord.
For Mode Red, the Red Time Flyer still forms as the torso and the head.
It looks like the Green and Blue Time Flyers form as the right and left legs/feet respectively.
The 2 zords that belong to the girls become the arms and hands.
Once Jen captures the frozen Jetara, it goes to a commercial break. After the break, there's new footage of the Pink Ranger due to the demorphing sequence.
Here's Jen while holding the Capsule that Jetara is in
Also the shots of the other 4 Rangers is new footage because of them demorophing too.

Sentai footage comes from Time Episodes 1 and 2