The episode starts off with Sentai footage of the Year 3000
Here's Ransik
This shot is a case of it being edited since while Ransik is shot in American footage, the shot shown outside the window is actually Sentai footage.
Here's new footage of the Red Ranger with his Badge
The Red Ranger is shown fighting Ransik which his combined Chrono Saber however I couldn't get a good shot of it.
The footage of the city as Jen and Alex are talking which is when Alex propses to Jen, the actual city shot in the background is actually Sentai footage as well.
This shot is also Sentai footage.
After Captain Logan fires Trip, Jen, Lucas and Katie, there's a confrontation between Lucas and Trip however Katie steps in to stop the confrontation. It then cuts to the next scene which is Sentai footage.
This shot is a case of them editing the footage in order to put at least Ransik in the shot since this is definitely Sentai footage. Apparently they also added their own footage of Frax and Nadira to the shot too.
The exterior shot of the Prison is also Sentai footage however they've also added Nadira, Ransik and Frax into the shot to make it seem as though they're walking towards the Prison.
Here's Conbully in new footage
Here's new footage of Toy Conbully
The shot of the Officer releasing a voice bullentin to on duty Officers about an alarm being activated at the Prison, in his room or area or whatever it's called, there's a window which shows Sentai footage of the Year 3000.
Here's Nadira and Ransik
This shot has been edited. This is Sentai footage however they added Ransik and the Red Ranger to the Land Pad.
Here's new footage of the Red Saber
After Frax presses the button to activate the time warp, it then cuts to a Sentai shot of the Prison where the top level of the Prison completely disappears as if it was teleported somewhere.
This shot is also Sentai footage.
The exterior shot of the Time Ship is also Sentai footage.
Here are the 4 Chrono Morphers
Here's new footage of Circuit
All exterior shots of the Time Ship, the Trans-Warp Megazord, the Time Gate Portal and the runway is Sentai footage.
The shots of the numbers in "red" counting down with "AD" at the bottom of the "red numbered" screen is also Sentai footage as is the multi-colored vortex in which the Time Ship travels through.
Sentai Footage which is mostly just Ship and time traveling stuff comes from Time Episode 1