Queen Bansheera's transformation sequence is all Sentai footage however some shots of the transformation flames would be new footage but once she gets her Bodily Form back, that's when it goes back to full Sentai footage. The shot of Diabolico in the Queen's lair spying on her conversation with Jinxer is Sentai footage.The shot of the Green, Pink, Blue and Yellow Rangers within Mariner Stadium is another start of Sentai footage. Once Bansheera teleports Diabolico, Loki and the 4 Rangers away and they arrive in a different area, it then goes to commercial break but once it returns from commercial break, it then starts off in new footage due to the Yellow Ranger currently being unconscious
This shot of the Rangers in the Skull Cavern dimension is when it goes back to Sentai footage
The RMAV is edited into the shot of Sentai footage of Mariner Stadium and they made a special effect for a faraway shot of where the "vortex" is at which you can see here
The shot of the RMAV in the same shot as the vortex is actually another case of the exclusive vehicle being edited into the shot.
These shots   are back to Sentai footage.
All shots of the Red Ranger running while inside the Skull Cavern is Sentai footage however a lot of his fighting with the Batlings is new footage provided he's not running or moving too quickly however once he grabs his Blaster, that's when it goes back to Sentai footage.
These shots of the Rangers inside the Skull Cavern are back to new footage  
This shot of the 4 Rangers is new footage
Here's new footage of the Rangers and the bottom half of Queen Bansheera
Here's new footage of Giant Bansheera  
Bansheera summons dark clouds and that's when it changes into Sentai footage, once you no longer see Bansheera in the shot as the dark clouds are summoned however the following shot of the Rangers reacting to this is new footage however once you see Giant Bansheera again, that's back to Sentai footage. The shot of the Red Ranger calling for the Rail Rescues is new footage but once you see the zords, that's back to Sentai footage.
In GoGoV, "Bansheera" didn't escape like she did in this Lightspeed episode. Originally the Lightspeed Megazoed's Scanners actually succeed in locating her, this is why the background is black during the searching because in GoGoV, the background was actually the various buildings that were in the zord battle. Once they located where she was hiding at, they formed the Lightspeed Solarzord and then finished her off so that her physical essence is now destroyed meaning she no longer has her bodily form but she still has a spiritual essence that is still in existence.

Jinxer, Bansheera and Bansheera transformation footage comes from Episode 47 whereas all other stuff comes from GoGoV Episode 48 so please link on the following link to view pages for both GoGoV Episodes which I have combined into 1 page.
GoGoV Episodes 47 and 48