Here's new footage of Treevil  
All Treevil is new footage. Once you see the Growth Demon Card, that's when the Sentai footage begins.
The shot of the Pink Ranger calling for the Megazord is new footage but once you see the Megazord, that's when it goes back to Sentai footage.
All Giant footage is Sentai footage.

Following info comes from GoGoV Episode 5.
Here's a Demon Card that apparently belongs to Loki.
Here's Treevil.    
Here's Giant Treevil.

Jinxer, Lava/Flame scene involving Bansheera and Bansheera flame footage comes from GoGoV Episode 47 so please see my page in regards to GoGoV Episode 47 which I've combined with GoGoV Episode 48.
GoGoV Episodes 47 and 48