The episode starts off in Sentai footage.
This shot is more than likely new footage
This shot of Jinxer appears to be new footage
Here's new footage of Jinxer
Once you see the demons in the Shadow World then that's back to Sentai footage.
It's hard to tell whether the cemetry site is new footage or not because while it looks like it's in new footage, it's basically identical to the one in Sentai so for now I'm just going to say that it's Sentai.
These shots   are new footage.
Here's some interior shots of the Aquabase    
The scenes of Olympius in his Shadow World-powered up form is always in Sentai footage.
Aftrer you see the Star Power on Olympius glowing with energy, it then looks like it zooms out into new footage.
This shot of Olympius in Shadow World form appears to be new footage
Here's new footage of Olympius, the Gatekeeper and Jinxer
Here's more new footage of Olympius in Shadow Form mode/form  
This shot of the Green Ranger in the cemetry appears to be back to Sentai footage
After the Yellow and Blue Rangers have a Sentai confrontation with Jinxer, the next time you see the Red Ranger, it's back to new footage.
These shots   are back to Sentai footage.
The shot of Olympius' Star Power glowing and then him growing is Sentai footage.
This shot of Giant Olympius appears to be new footage The following shot of Jinxer on the ground is new footage however the shots of Olympius' Star Power glowing with energy is always Sentai footage. The next time you see it glow after the American Jinxer shot is when it goes back to Sentai footage.
After Fairweather cuts off the power source that Jinxer was using for Olympius, you then see it cut to new footage of Jinxer with his medallion breaking and then it cuts to a Sentai shot of Giant Olympius weakening.
All zord footage and all Giant Gatekeeper footage is Sentai footage. All other Giant Olympius is Sentai footage except for the shot that's listed above.
After the shot of Fairweather and Captain in the Aquabase, it then cuts to new footage of Jinxer and Olympius.
Here's new footage of Olympius since he doesn't have his Star Power

Majority of Sentai footage comes from GoGoV Episode 43 however click on the following link to go to my page for GoGoV Episodes 42 and 43.
 GoGoV Episodes 42 and 43