The episode starts off in new footage.
Here's new footage of Memorase
After the 4 Rangers take off to deal with the situation, the Pink Ranger remains behind to take care of an injured civilian. It then cuts to a Sentai shot of Memorase. Once you see the shot of the injured civilian being strapped in while resting on the stretcher with the Pink Ranger behind the side of the scretcher, that's new footage. After the Pink Ranger leaves the scene of where the scretcher was at, it then cuts back to the Rangers' battle which is actually in new footage.
Here's another new shot of Memorase
The footage of Diabolico and Memorase is new footage since Diabolico wasn't around when Memorase was created in GoGoV. The footage you see of the Pink Ranger confronting Memorase as shown on the Rescue Ops' Monitor is new footage. The footage of the Blue, Green and Yellow Rangers joining up with the Pink Ranger's confrontation with Memorase is new footage.
Here's another new shot of Memorase
Here's new footage of the Rangers with their Thermo Blasters The Sentai stock shot of a Ranger extending the Thermo Blaster to Battle Booster mode is when it goes back to Sentai footage however once the stock shot ends with the Ranger inserting his/her Battle Booster into the Thermo Blaster then it cuts to new footage of the 5 Rangers holding their Thermo Blasters, already aiming them at Memorase. Once you see the Growth Card, that's back to Sentai footage. The shot of Giant Memorase is Sentai footage however the shot of the Rangers reacting to Giant Memorase along with the shot of the Pink Ranger calling for the zords is new footage.
All Giant footage is Sentai footage.

Following inffo comes from GoGoV Episode 33.
Here's a shot of Vypra's Card
Here's Memorase
Here's Giant Memorase