The footage starts off with the Aquabase's alarms going off and then it cuts to the Sentai footage of Infinitor starting up.
The Rangers fighting Infinitor with their V-Lancers has been deleted.
This shot of the Yellow and Green Rangers is the start of new footage.
Here's new footage of the Green Ranger with his V-Lancer
Here's new footage of Infinitor
Once you see the stock shot of the Rangers activating the Spectral Blast move, that's when it goes back to Sentai footage.
Here's new footage of the 5 Rangers with their V-Lancers
The footage of Olympius and Infinitor in the Skull Cavern is new footage.
Here's new footage of the Blue Ranger and Infinitor
Here's another new shot of Infinitor
Here's new footage of the Green and Blue Battle Boosters
Here's a shot of the 2 Mega Battles however you get a better shot of the Green Mega Battle in this pic
Here are a few shots of the 2 Mega Battles      
Here's the Blue Ranger with his Mega Battle
Here's new footage of Jinxer You can see that the prop people weren't paying attention for this new shot because Jinxer is using a Demon Card in order to enlarge a defeated monster, he would always go with a Growth Card in order to enlarge Demons.
Here's the Demon Card being on Infinitor
The shots of Jinxer doing the spell is new footage however the parts with the bats and the actual part of the debris coming back together in order to revive and enlarge Infinitor is Sentai footage. I shouldn't have to tell you that the shots of the Rangers reacting to Giant Infinitor is new footage due to the Blue and Green Rangers still having their Mega Battles on.
All Giant footage is Sentai footage.

Sentai info comes from GoGoV Episode 39