As soon as you see the morphed Rangers, it's the start of Sentai footage.
The footage that Ryan watches on his Monitor is Sentai footage.
Once it switches from Ryan's room to the next scene, it's still Sentai footage.
These shots of Troika       and here are more shots of Troika in new footage    
Here's more new footage of Troika once he returns.
Here's new footage of the 5 Rangers with their Batons
This shot of Troika is when it goes back to Sentai footage.
These shots   mean that it's back to new footage.
These shots   mean that it's back to Sentai footage.
This shot of Troika and the Red Ranger means that it's back to new footage.
Once the scene changes back to the Rangers' battle with Troika, it starts back up with Sentai footage once again.
This shot appears to be new footage which is the last time that Impus appears in new footage.
Pretty much all of the Skull Cavern shots where Impus becomes the Cocoon and it lifts up is new footage.
The footage of Queen Bansheera's spirit talking to the Rangers is new footage
Here's new footage of Impus' Cocoon

Here's shots of the Cobra Monster. Some pictures will have Ryan as well as the Titanium Ranger in them because some of those shots were the best ones to take. The Cobra Monster is another case of a previous monster costume being reused so I'll do that listing in the usual way, the only issue is that like I said, some shots will have Ryan in them or his Titanium Ranger form in them.

Previous Suit


This Snizzard suit comes from the following episode: Episode 10 - "Foul Play In The Sky"

Cobra Monster

Sentai info comes from GoGoV Episode 22