Here's Vypra and Liztwin
Here's another new shot
Once Vypra teleports away, the next shot you see is of the Red Ranger flying in midair, this shot is the start of Sentai footage.
All remaining footage of Liztwin which includes the following battle, when he's destroyed by the Unilaser and the Giant footage is all Sentai footage.

NOTE: All interior shots of the Skull Cavern is new footage.

Following info comes from GoGoV Episode 13.
Here's a new Demon Card this Card was actually created after Magmavore was destroyed by the Supertrain Megazord.
Here's a Demon Card that apparently belongs to Loki.
Here's Liztwin        
Here's a shot of the Yellow Ranger with the Rescue Drill
Here's a shot of the Blue Ranger attacking Liztwin with a Rescue weapon and here's a shot of the Blue Ranger picking up Liztwin
Here's another shot of the new Demon Card that was created in this episode This card allowed Jinxer to resurrect and enlarge monsters like he usually does however the card would resurrect the monster into a different form.
Here's a shot of Giant Liztwin in his new Golem Demon Card-powered form