I shouldn't have to tell you that the exterior shot of the volcano is Sentai footage but I will anyway.
All Magmavore stuff is Sentai footage.
This shot is another start of Sentai footage beginning.
After you see that Ms. Fairweather is unconscious in the volcano, the scene switches back to Giant footage and this time the Giant footage is actually coming from GoGoV Episode 12.
All footage of the Batlings in this episode is new footage.
After you see the Rabgers rush out along with the Rescue Rover rushing out in order to return to the Aquabase, the episode goes to commercial break however once it returns from commercial break, it starts back up in Sentai footage.
Here's new footage of Loki while in the Skull Cavern however once it goes to the next scene, it's back to Sentai footage once again.
The readout where "Super Train Systems OK" is shown is actually redone because it doesn't reflect anything at all from the GoGoV readout.
The Supertrain Megazord's readout for the Gatling Blasters is actually Sentai footage of the same readout but they just edited "Gatling Blasters" into the shot.
In the Lightspeed episode, the Gatling Blasters end up destroying Trifire however in GoGoV, they destroyed Magmavore.
In GoGoV, Trifire is destroyed by the Turbines but in Lightspeed, Magmavore is destroyed by the Turbines.
All Giant footage is Sentai footage.
Sentai info comes from GoGoV Episode 12 however I've combined GoGoV Episodes 11 and 12 together.