Here's some additional shots of the interior of the Aquabase
While the Skull Cavern shot is Sentai footage, the Vypra scene is new footage.
The shot of the city shaking that is between the last scene of the Skull Cavern and the first scene in the Aquabase looks to be new footage.
Once the ep comes back from break, the exterior shots of the city buildings are more than likely new footage.
The shots of the Batlings using their Hammer-like items to hit something into the ground is all new footage.
The fight between the Red Ranger and Vypra is new footage.
All of the footage with the Red Ranger and the fire that Vypra started before she teleported away is new footage.
All of the footage involving the Rangers, Vypra and the Batlings is new footage. Once it goes to an interior shot of the Skull Cavern, it's Sentai footage however the footage of Loki picking out 1 of his Monster Cards is from Episode 7 however the shots are what card it is as well as any shots with Quakemon in the Skull Cavern has been removed..
The shot of Loki outside of Skull Cavern is Sentai footage.
The shot of Jinxer outside of Skull Cavern is Sentai footage.
All ground footage of Quakemon has been deleted.
All of the Giant stuff which includes Quakemon and the zords is Sentai footage.

Following info is from GoGoV Episode 7.
Here are Loki's Cards and here's the card that Loki chooses to be the monster for this ep.

Here's Quakemon.  
This is the first time where Vypra and Loki meet the GoGoV in-person. Loki himself actually battles GoBlue. They can actually disconnect the Sidecar from the Red Lightspeed Cycle. Pink calls for the Rescuebird. Here's Giant Quakemon.