Any time in this episode that Vyora is seen with any of the lead demons (Diabolico, Loki or Impus) in the same scene then it's Sentai footage. All up-close solo shots of Vypra in the Skull Cavern is her American actress.
Diabolico, Loki, Impus and Jinxer's footage is all Sentai footage.
This is apparently Sentai footage while this next shot appears to be new footage
The shot of the Aquabase's Monitor showing a large rock in the city is Sentai footage which comes from Episode 1.
Here's the Train Bay This is actually new footage because while there was a base in GoGoV, you never saw the Train Bay itself ever moving while it was underwater.
Once you see the Train Bay above surface, it's Sentai footage.
Here's a readout of the Rescue Bird It looks like that while it's the same Sentai readout for their Life Bird, they edited the actual text readout in order to replace "Life Bird" with "Rescue Bird" and stuff like that.
The Megazord readout is the same except "Megazord Mode" is edited into the readout in order to replace it with "Victory Robo."
All footage of the Rangers and the zords is Sentai footage. The shots of the civilians being trapped in the elevator is Sentai footage as well.
All footage of Magmavore is Sentai footage.

Following info is from GoGoV Episode 1.
Here's Magmavore.  

Here's a robot that GoGoV refers to as Mint. This robot in GoGoV controls what is known to us as the Supertrain.
Please click on Mint in order to go to my page where you can see some of his appearances in Lightspeed Rescue.

Here's Professor Mondo Tatsumi.
Basically in a nutshell Tatsumi is a combination of our Captain Mitchell and Miss Fairweather because he created all of the GoGoV weaponry. Here's the Rescue Bay.    
Here's the 5 Rescue Morphers.
Here's the Red Lightspeed.
Here's Blue Lightspeed.
Here's Green Lightspeed.
Here's Yellow and Pink
Here's a group shot of the Supertrain.
Here's a shot of Supertrain 2 and part of Supertrain 3 on the raised track.
Here's Supertrain 3.
Here's Supertrain 5.
Here's more of the Supertrain.  
Here's the cockpit the 5 Rangers are in while they're piloting the Supertrain in Train Mode.
Here's Pyro Rescue 1. and here's the cockpit.
Here's Hydro Rescue 2 and Aero Rescue 3
Her's another shot of the Hydro Rescue 2 and here's its cockpit.
Here's Aero Rescue 3's Cockpit.
Here's the Aero Rescue 3.  
Here's Haz Rescue's Cockpit
Here's Med Rescue 5. and here's the cockpit.
Here's a shot of Hydro Rescue 2 firing Water out of its Cannons.
Here's a flying shot of Aero Rescue 3.
Here's a shot of 3 of the zords in Hydro Mode.
Here's the Rescuebird.
Here's the Red Ranger with his Rescue Drill which he attached to the base of his Blaster.  
Here's a shot of the Pink Ranger with her Blaster.
Here's the Lightspeed Megazord. Here's a shot of the Lightspeed Megazord's Ladder Arms.
Magmavore blew up once he landed after the Megazord's Ladder Arms threw him.