Here's Green Trakeena's Staff

Here's Trakeena in her Green Form
The only Sentai fooage is the stock sequence of the Rangers firing their Galaxy Quasar Launchers as wel as the sequence of the Capsular Cycle switching into Fireball Mode. Everything else in this episode is new.
Here's the Capsular Cycle in new footage
Here's footage of the Red Armored Power Ranger after he has activated its Claw thingie
Here's the Galaxy Megazord in new footage
Here's new footage of the Red Ranger on the Lion GalactaBeast
This shot of the Gorilla, Wolf and Condor GalactaBeasts is new
Here's Helmetless Red
Here's Leo, Mike and the other Rangers
Here's the Helmetless Yellow Ranger
Here's Maya holding her Saber
Here's an up-close shot of Maya's Saber
Here are the 5 Rangers by the Stone, Maya has already returned her Saber into the stone
Here's another shot of the Rangers by the stone
Here's a shot of Karone returning the Saber after Kai has returned his
Here's another new shot of the GalactaBeasts
Everything in this episode aside from the aforementioned Sentai stock footage is new.