Once you see Terra Venture in the same shot of a Planet, it then cuts to footage on that Planet which is taken from Gingaman Episode 1.
Once Mutiny says something about first getting the vessel back into ship shape, you see an exterior shot of Titanisaur with the Castle on it and then once it cuts to an up-close shot of Titanisaur then that is when the footage of Titanisaur from Gingaman Epiosde 41 begins playing.
The footage of Titanisaur that plays on the GSA Command Video Monitor is new footage.
Here's another new shot of Titanisaur
Here's new footage of the Castle
Here are the Mutiny Canoes in new footage
Here's new footage of Captain Mutiny
Here's a Swabbie in the same shot as Mutiny
Heres' a back shot of about 4 Swabbies that are in front of a big crate
Here's Swabbies, Barbarax and Mutiny in the same shot as a bunch of slaves
Here's another new shot of Barbarax and Mutiny
Here's new footage of Rocketron in front of a smokey/cloudy background

Here's new footage of Swabbies and Rocketron

Once you see these shots

then it's the beginning of footage from Gingaman Episode 15
It then cuts to Terra Venture footage and then it cuts to midair Swabbie footage as they're jumping from the air into the forest scene which is footage from Gingaman 14.

Once you see these shots then it's the start of new footage once again
Once you see the Red Ranger fighting a Swabbie in a grassy area with trees behind them then that's back to Sentai footage which is also from 14.
You see the Blue Ranger with him holding a Swabbie up as he spins around which is also from 14. You then see a faraway Sentai Gingaman 14 shot of the Yellow Ranger firing her Quasar Launcher before it cuts back to Gingaman 48 footage of Rocketron.
Once you see these shots
Capsular%20Cycle%20in%20new%20footage%20in%20Mutiny%20ep.jpg" height="288" width="384"> then it's back to new footage but once you see the Red Ranger again then that's back to Sentai footage.
Once Fireball Monde hits Rocketron and he explodes, it then cuts into new footage which includes some more new footage of the Capsular Cycle.
Rocket in Galaxy grows automatically. His growth sequence is Sentai footage. In Gingaman, he drinks a Potion before he grows.
As Rocketron is growing, it then cuts back to new footage of the Red Ranger who is beginning to get out of his Capsular Cycle.
It then cuts back to Sentai footage of Giant Rocketron.
Here's new footage of Rocketron, he's still alive but not very well due to his injuries that the Megazords caused him
Here's another new shot of Mutated Deviot
Here are the Green and Red Rangers in the same shot as Grunchor which is new footage

Footage of Titanisaur rising from the underwater as well as some interior stuff inside the Castle coming alive comes from Ginga Episode 1 whereas the shots of Titanisaur breaking apart comes from Ginga Episode 41
Rocketron Sentai footage comes fron Ginga Episode 48