The sequence of Deviot transforming into Mutated Deviot is new footage.
This shot of Mutated Deviot is currently unknown however as it looks right now based on my video clip watching it looks like it's new footage despite the Sentai video quality to it.
Once it cuts back to a Ranger then it's new footage.
These shots
is also new footage.
This shot of the Rangers is when it's definite Sentai footage.
This shot of the Pink Ranger in her Orion Armor is when it goes back to new footage.
Here's another new shot of Mutated Deviot
This shot of the Rangers is when it goes back to Sentai footage due to the fact that it's part of the sequence in which they activate the Galaxy Quasar Launchers.
This shot of the Blue Ranger with the Galaxy Launcher is when it goes back to new footage but once you see this shot then it's back to Sentai footage once again.
Mutated Deviot grows automatically. In Sentai however Barbarax fires a Growth Dart at him which is what causes him to grow upon impact. The growth sequence is all Sentai footage. Once it cuts down to the Blue Ranger who is still onth
Once you see the Gorilla GalactaBeast then that's back to Sentai footage.
Once the Megazord destroys Deviot and the Megazord does its victory pose in celebration, it then cuts back down to new footage of the Rangers who are on the ground.
Mutated Deviot Sentai footage comes from Ginga Episode 47