Here's Magnetox in new footage
Here's a shot of Leo's damaged Morpher
Here are the Blue, Green and Yellow Rangers with the Green one aiming his Trans Blaster
Here's a shot of Magnetox turning a Dial on his Magne Staff
Here's another shot of the Magnet Staff
Here's Astronema in Karone's Flashback
Here's Ecliptor and Astronema during Karone's Flashback
Here's the Blue and Yellow Rangers with their Transdaggers
Here's the 2 Rangers once again, this time you can clearly see the Cosma Claw
In this shot you can clearly see 1 of the Delta Daggers
Here's another shot of the Delta Daggers and in this shot you can see the other 1
Here's another new shot of the Cosma Claw
Here's the Astro Megaship approaching a Planet which doesn't have a known name
Here's a Skeleton that is outside of the cave entrance
Here's Karone, Leo and a shot of some kind of Sword
Here's some up-close shots of the Skeleton that comes alive

Here's a shot of Astronema by the cave entrance
Here's Astronema with a Sword that she took that was outside the cave entrance
Here's 1 Key and here's the 2nd Key and here are the 2 United Keys
Here's the Pink Ranger and the Red Armored Power Ranger
Here's the Red Armored Power Ranger
Here's the Red Armored Power Ranger with his Laser in position
Everything in this episode is 100% new footage.

Magnetox is in all new footage in this episode however his suit comes from Ginga Episode 38