Here's new footage of Spikaka and Ironite
Here's Spikaka and Ironite with their Swords
Here's a shot of someone hiding in the bushes (or whatever they are) spying on Deviot
Here's an exterior shot of a Planet which is more than likely Onyx.

Here's a shot of another Planet which I believe is called Kirasa
Here's Spikaka and Deviot
Here's Karone with the Blue Ranger behind her
Here's Karone's Morpher
Karone as the Pink Ranger calls for "Lights of Orion activate" and then you see an up-close of a Ranger's white glove which is when you can tell that it's the start of the Sentai stock footage sequence of the Orion armor materializing on the Rangers' suits.
Here's a group of the 5 Rangers with Pink in the middle
This shot of the Red Ranger in his Orion Armor is always Sentai footage.
It then cuts to a side shot of the Rangers in Orion Mode in new footage.
Here's another new shot of Ironite
Ironite's growth sequence is all Sentai footage. In Gingaman, he drinks a Potion before growing.
It then cuts back down to new footage of the Rangers.
Once you see the Wildcat GalactaBeast then that's another start of Sentai footage.
It then cuts back down to new footage of the Rangers who are on the ground.
Once it cuts back to the Wildcat then that's back to Sentai footage.
Aside from the aforemented stuff and the Giant Ironite stuff as well as all zord stuff, everything else in this episode is new footage.
Here's another shot of Karone but this time she's in her Quarters on Terra Venture

Ironite Giant footage comes from Ginga Episode 44 Spikaka is in all new footage but his suit comes from Ginga Episode 12