Here's new footage of the GalactaBeasts
After T.J. says they're incredible, it then cuts to a Sentai sequence of showing the 5 GalactaBeasts.
Here's the Wildcat in new footage due to the fact that Cassie is almost on it
Here's Cassie on the Wildcat
Here's the Wildcat in the same shot as the Rangers
Here's some more shots of the inside of the Galaxy Book

Here's an up-close shot of a Terra Venture Computer Panel
Here's a GSA Bulding which is more than likely the Science Division
Here's the Savage Sword


Here's another shot of Psycho Pink with the Sword
Here's the Yellow Space Ranger firing her Star Slinger at Deviot
Here's Psycho Pink's Monster Form
Here's Giant Psycho Pink

Here's Psycho Pink down while the Galaxy Megazord is there to the rescue
Here's Psycho Pink sparking up
Here are the Galaxy Megazord and the Astro Megazord

Here are the Galaxy Gliders

Everything in this episode is new except for stock sequences, the stock sequences would include the Astro Megazord formation sequence, the Astro Megazord flying in space towards a Planet sequence and the Astro Megazord still in midair after it finally enters Earth sequence along with all zord cockpit shots as well as the "Astro Megazord powered-up Saber sequence" and the "Galaxy Megazord Saber powered up sequence."