Here's a Ship in the same shot of a Planet
Here's the Ship which is in the same shot as a Monster and Deviot
Here's an unknown Monster
Here's Deviot with a Key
Here's Deviot holding Data Cards
Here's the Monster that is trying to attack Deviott from behind
Here are the Psycho Rangers in the Scorpion Stinger
Here's Psycho Yellow grabbing Maya
Here's Psycho Black behind Damon
Here's Psycho Black grabbing Damon
Here's Psycho Red
Here's Psycho Red with his Sword
Here's the Astro Blaster
Here are the 5 Astro Morphers
Here are 2 Red Rangers
Here's 10 Rangers and the Magna Defender
Here are the Colorful Explosions

Here's the Satellite Stunner
Here's the Star Slinger
Once the Galaxy Rangers call for "Lights of Orion activate," it then cuts to an up-close shot of a Ranger's white glove which is part of the Sentai stock footage of the Orion armor materializing on the Galaxy Rangers' suits.
The Red Space Ranger orders "Spiral Saber power up" and then it cuts to an up-close shot of the Spiral Saber in Booster Mode which is Sentai stock footage.
Once you see the Quadroblaster then that's also Sentai stock footage.
The footage of the Spiral Blaster Booster Mode and the Quadroblaster firing is also Sentai stock footage.
Here are shots of the Galaxy Rangers with their Orion armor on them.

The Orion Rangers in Power-Up Mode is also new footage.
Everything else in this episode excluding Sentai stock sequences is new footage.