Here's Icy Angel in new footage
Here's new footag of Icy Angel's Bow
Here's Icy Angel's Blue Arrows

Here's Icy Angel in the same shot as Commander Stanton
During the 2nd sequence of Commander Stanton and Kai fighting, it then eventually cuts into Sentai footage of the Magna Defender.
Once Kai locks up the Commander, it then cutes back into Sentai footage of Icy Angel however the shot of her blowing her icy cold attack looks like it's been flipped.
Icy Angel grows automatically, her growth sequence is Sentai footage. In Gingaman, she drinks a Potion before she grows.
They cut out the shot of the Magna Defender doing his usual "Mega Defender transform" thing."
Sentai footage comes from Ginga Episode 28
Here's a shot of the GSA's Command HQ Control Panel