Here's new footage of Cannonbrawl

Here's the Green Ranger in the same shot as Cannonbrawl and Stingwingers
Here's a shot of the GSA Status Report
Here's an up-close shot of the Scorpion Stinger Control Panel
Here's another new shot of Cannonbrawl but this time it's a full shot of him
Here's new footage of the Red Ranger with his Quasar Saber while the Green Ranger has his Transdagger
Here's another new shot of the Green Ranger with his Trans Blaster Transdagger
The Rangers call for the Lights in new footage and then once you see a close-up shot of a Ranger's white glove then that signals it's the beginning of the Sentai stock footage sequence that materializes the Lights of Orion on the Rangers' suits.
Cannonbrawl grows automatically, his growth sequence is Sentai footage. In Gingaman, he actually dirnks a Potion before he grows.
Here's High Council and Commander Stanton

Sentai footage comes from Ginga Episode 36