There's an exterior shot of a Planet and then it cuts into the next shot which is when the Sentai footage begins.
Here's Deviot in the Scorpion Stinger
Here's a shot of Deviot's Zord Remote in new footage
Here's some Galaxy Book shots

Here's a closer shot of the page with 5 GalactaBeasts in it but it looks like the page has been torn since there's a section missing
Here are the GalactaBeasts in new footage due to being in the same shot as Maya
Here's new footage of Deviot
Here's a shot of a piece of torn paper that Kendrix had hidden on her work desk, the paper looks like it's in the same format and on the same type of paper that the Galaxy Book stuff is on

After Damon tells Kendrix she doesn't have to worry about him, it then cuts into Sentai footage of the Magna Defender.

These shots
is when the Sentai footage begins playing from Gingaman 30.

Sentai footage in this ep is from Ginga Episodes 29 and 30