The first shot of Crumummy's 'scarf-like vines' coming to life is Sentai footage.
The shot of Crumummy materializing is Sentai footage as well however it then cuts into new footage due to the actors in the footage however once you see another close-up shot of Crumummy then it's back to Sentai footage as well as any attack he uses that releases his scarf-like stuff.
The footage of Crumummy in which he has sand in his hands is also Sentai footage.
Here's the first full shot of Crumummy in new footage while on Terra V which is also when the new footage begins

Here's Crumummy as he's pouring sand in his bottle while Mike and Tracy watch
Here's another new shot of Crumummy but this time he's on grass
Here's new footage of the Red and Blue Rangers with their Orion armor
Once it cuts from the Stingwingers to the Magna Defender in midair then that is when it goes back to Sentai footage, as soon as you see the Magna Defender in midair.
In Power Rangers, Crumummy just grows automatically in Sentai footage. In Sentai, he actually drinks the potion in order to grow.

Sentai footage comes from Ginga Episode 27