All of the footage of Weaveworm and Babe Ruthless () which includes their Giant footage is Japanese footage except for the fact that Babe Ruthless was pretty much in all Giant footage since there was only like a second shot of him in normal size since he was usually in Dora Pixie form. All of the exterior shots of Weaveworm's cocoon is ZyuRanger footage but there are a few shots of the interior shot of the cocoon that is new footage. Now I'm not sure if all of the cocoon shots is new footage or not since it's hard for me to match the footage due to the Japanese episode's quality.

Babe Ruthless comes from another ZyuRanger episode which is Episode 23. In this episode, their "Finster" creates Dora Pixie who looks just like a young kid whose power is to make kids fall in love with whatever or whoever they see first however he first has to throw a ball and it has to land into the person's mouth.

Bandora and her goons are still using the regular Golems/Putties as of this episode in ZyuRanger 23.

Here's a shot of the ZyuRanger inside of the cocoon and now here are some American shots of the Power Rangers inside of the cocoon. The shots of the Rangers using their Blade Blasters in the cocoon is new footage because in ZyuRanger, they wound up using tthe Thunder Slingers.