Once you see Quakemaker then that's the beginning of Sentai footage.
These shots of Quakemaker
  are new footage.
This shot is back to Sentai footage. To give you an idea of where this shot is at, this shot of the Red Ranger is a shot after that Quakemaker shot
Here's Quakemaker and Furio
Here's another new shot of Quakemaker but this time it's a shot of him from the front
The footage of buildings blowing up is typical Sentai footage. I don't know why I even mention that anymore, most of those buildings blowing up is Sentai footage anyway.
This is also Sentai footage
This shot is also Sentai footage.
This Tower shot is a Sentai shot.
This shot is also Sentai footage.
All shots of the Tower shaking due to the earthquake is Sentai footage.
The footage of the Tower crashing onto Johnny's car is also Sentai footage.
All up-close shots of the tower wreckage on the car as well as some kind of liquid leaking out of the car is Sentai footage.
Once you see an up close shot of Blue's feet then that's back to Sentai footage.
This shot of Red is new footage.
It then cuts back to Sentai footage of the Blue Ranger.
There is no scene in which Quakemaker drinks the Potion in order to grow, he just grows automatically whereas in Sentai, he does drink the Potion.
This shot is new footage.
It then cuts back to Quakemaker continuing to grow in Sentai footage.

Sentai footage comes from Ginga Episode 11