Here's a shot of Furio by the sealed Cave of Orion
Here's anotther shot of Trakeena but this time she's outside
Here's Trakeena's Battle Armor
Here's Furio and Trakeena
Here are the 3 Astro Cycles  
Here's new footage of the Orion Box
Here's new footage of Mutantrum

There's a case of spliced footage due to the Red Ranger calling for Transdagger Star Formation in Sentai stock footage.
The Quasar Launchers were what defeated Mutantrum in Gingaman.
Mutantrum drinks the Growth Potion in new footage and then it cuts to Sentai footage of him growing.
Here's new footage of the Pink, Blue, Yellow and Green Rangers
The footage of Blue calling for the zords is also new.
Once you see the zord sequence beginning to play then that's the start of Sentai footage.

Sentai footage comes from Ginga Episode 15