Here's new footage of the Mega Winger and the Astro Megazord.
Here's new footage of the Mega Winger.
Here's new footage of the Mega Winger, Delta Megazord, Astro Megazord and the Mega Voyager.
All zord footage relating to dealing with the asteroid is new however all of the zord cockpit shots is Sentai.
Footage of the Dark Fortress that Andros watches on the Monitoring Screen is Sentai footage.
Here's new footage of the Silver Ranger and the Red Ranger riding on their Galaxy Gliders.
This appears to be new footage of the Dark Fortress.
Here's Astronema but this time she's Brainwashed Astronema.  
As soon as you see Fright Wing, it's new footage.
Here's new footage of Fright Wing.
Here's another new shot of Fright Wing.
All ground footage of Fright Wing is new.
Here's new footage of Frightwing, in this shot the Satellasers are still hitting him.
The shot of the Red Ranger calling for the Mega Voyager is new.
As soon as the Mega Voyager appears to fight Frightwing, it's Sentai footage and all of the remaining zord footage in this ep is Sentai footage.
Here's footage of the Pink Ranger being in the same shot as the Blue Galaxy Glider. This is new footage.

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