The episode starts off with Sentai footage of Darkonda and then Ecliptor joining in. This Sentai footage of Ecliptor and Darkonda comes from Mega 30.
When you see this shot of Darkodna it goes to new footage.
The footage switches to Sentai whne you see Darkonda's lab. This footage comes from Megaranger 25.
Here's new footage of the Red Crocotox. All footage of him in space is new footage.
The footage of the Red Crocotox swimming in water as shown here is Sentai footage so that shot is when the Sentai footage starts back up.
Here's new footage of the Red Crocotox. This shot is when the new footage starts up again, well not this particular shot actually but I'm sure you get the picture.
Footage of the 6 Rangers appearing at the beach is new footage.
This shot of the Rangers is new.
This shot of the Red Crocotox and the Red Ranger fighting is new.
Here's new footage of the Red and Silver Rangers fighting Crocotox.
Here's new footage of the Rangers with the Silver Ranger using his Super Silverizer.
Here's another new shot of the Silver Ranger with his Super Silverizer.
All footage of the Rangers and Red Crocotox on the beach was definitely new footage.
Apparently the footage of Darkonda in the air communicating with the Rangers is new footage, it's new footage until the scene ends of course.
The footage goes back to Sentai footage as soon as you see the 5 Rangers riding on their Galaxy Gliders.
Here's Ecliptor and Zhane.
All following shots of Darkonda and the 2 Crocotox is Sentai footage.
As soon as Zhane morphs, it goes back to Sentai footage which actually comes from Mega 27.
This shot of the Silver Ranger is new.
The footage goes back to Sentai footage once the Silver Ranger jumps onto his Galaxy Glider.
In Megaranger, Silver just rode his Cycle and smashed through the wall however in Power Rangers, they added a special effect to the Sentai footage to make it look like the Silver Cycle fired a beam at the wall.
The footage of Blue Crocotox growing is Sentai footage. The footage of Silver Ranger fighting the Red Crocotox is also Sentai footage.
All Giant footage is Sentai footage.
This shot is when the footage involving the Red Crocotox and the Silver Ranger switches back to new footage even though the Silver Ranger is in the middle of destroying the Red Crocotox.
Here's Elgar and Astronema.

Following info comes from Mega 25.
Here's Crocotox Red.
Here's 2 Crocotox, a Red one and a Blue one.
Here's a shot of Crocotox along with the 5 Rangers. The Rangers are levitating in the air. The Red Crocotox is the one who is holding the Fork-like weapon.
Here's the Silver Galaxy Glider.
Here's the Silver Ranger riding on his Cycle.  
Here's Giant Crocotox, this is the Blue one.
Hyprus was going to enlarge the Red Crocotox as well but MegaSilver interrupted his plans.
Only the Astro Delta Megazord fought the Giant Crocotox that was Blue.