Here's a shot of the Secret Door in the Astro Megaship's Engine Room.
Here's a shot of Carlos and Cassie in the "Secret Room."
Here's a shot of the Silver Ranger in the cryogenic tube.
The entire flashback footage of Dark Specter's assault on KO-35 is new footage.

This episode features another instance of Saban and MMPR Productions reusing a costume which you'll see down below.

Previous Suit

This Ghoulum suit came from various Beetleborgs episodes.

Red Ghoul Suit.

Here's a shot of Red and Silver Rangers during the assault.
Here's a shot of Silver Ranger fighting Piranhatrons during the assault on KO-35.
Here's a shot of Red Ranger and Red Ghoul but this has been after Red Ghoul has knocked the Red Ranger down.
Here's a shot of Lunatick in the Astro Megaship.
Here's new footage of Blue Ranger, Lunatick and Yellow Ranger.
Here's new footage of the Silver Ranger.
Here's new footage of the Rangers and Lunatick.
Here's new footage of Lunatick and the Silver Ranger with the Silver Ranger armed with his Super Silverizer in Blade Mode.
All ground footage of Lunatick is new footage.
Here's new footage of Silver Ranger doing his victory pose.  
In Megaranger, instead of the Silver Ranger's Super Silverizer defeating/destroying Lunatick, in reality it was the combined power of the Quadroblaster and Spiral Saber Booster Mode that defeated him.
Here's new footage of Giant Lunatick.  
All Giant footage is Sentai footage however "Power Rangers" skipped a Giant fight with Lunatick in the city area. In "Power Rangers," they just went straight to the deserted area.
Here's Zhane, morphed but helmetless.

Following info comes from Mega 22.
Here's Lunatick.  
Lunatick is defeated by Spiral Saber Booster Mode and Quadroblaster.
Here's Giant Lunatick.
Here's a shot of the Astro Megazord Cockpit but this time MegaBlue is in MegaRed's seat.
Here's a shot of Lunatick sparking up after the Astro Megazord attacks it with its right hand.
Here's a shot of the 2 Megazords.