Bandora and her goons constructed the Tower ( ) because it was to help to summon Dai Satan who had been banished to another dimension and can only be brought back to the real universe after 13 kids are sacrificed. Dai Satan is the ZyuRanger name for the character of Lokar in this episode.

All of the exterior shots of the Island of Illusion such as this one () is ZyuRanger footage. That is the island in ZyuRanger where they had gotten their Legendary Weapons at.

This also features the first appearance of 5 monsters of the day returning even if they're just illusions. This features the first American appearance of Shellshock and Eyeguy. Other monsters who are in that shot are Pineoctopus, Snizzard and Pudgy Pig but those latter 3 monsters have been in American footage before.

This also features the first appearance of Mutitus and Lokar's upgraded form of him

Mutitus and Lokar footage in this episode came from 2 different ZyuRanger episodes.