Here's a shot of a Planet.
Here are Piranhatrons as well as Lightning Cruiser.  
Here's Storm Blaster.
Here's Astronema.
Here's Lionizer and Astronema.
Here's a shot of a Turbo Morpher and a Turbo Key which Storm Blaster had.
Here's the Blue Turbo Ranger with Storm Blaster.
Here's new footage of the 6 Rangers as they watch the Satellasers hit Lionizer.
Here's new footage of Giant Lionizer due to being in the same shot as the 6 Rangers.
All of the footage is new until Mega V1 appears.
All of the remaining Giant footage is Sentai footage.
NOTE: Divatox appears in this ep.
Footage Note: There was a battle between "Cyborg Ecliptor" and the 5 Primary Rangers that was cut out for obvious reasons.

Following info comes from Mega 33.
Here's Lionizer.
Ecliptor finally returns in this episode but with his "cyber" implants if you will. Here's the new Ecliptor.
Here's Ecliptor's new Sword.
Here's another shot of new Ecliptor.
Here's another shot of Ecliptor's new Sword.
Here's some more shots of Lionizer.  
In this episode, Red uses "Number 3" on his Battlizer in order to power up his Spiral Saber Booster Mode's attack however either it didn't work or it wasn't powerfuil enough. However eventually the "3" on his Battlizer was in working condition and allowed the Spiral Saber Booster Mode to become more powerful so that it could easily defeat Lionizer.
Hyprus used a new method to enlarge Lionizer due to the fact the remains weren't much so he used some kind of smokey move in order to revive and enlarge Lionizer. Here's a shot of Giant Lionizer.