All Giant footage is Sentai footage which includes all shots of mutated Darkonda and Mutantrus.
Here's the first new shot of the ep involving the Rangers. This is a shot of the Yellow Ranger in the Delta Megaship.
The footage in the Delta Megaship's interior goes back to Sentai footage once you see the Blue, Red and Pink Rangers in the shot.
Here's a shot of a being who was on Onyx talking to Astronema.
Here's a shot of a planet. This is likely a shot of the planet Jupiter.
All exterior shots of the Delta Megaship is Sentai footage so this results in a bad case of editing which you can see here. As you can see the exterior shot of the planet Earth is in the background. That makes sense in Megaranger footage but it doesn't make sense according to Power Rangers. The Sentai footage only shows the "planet Earth" in the background because their "Voyager Machines" were located on the INET Moonbase which was located on Earth's Moon. In Power Rangers, they switched it to 1 of Jupiter's Moons. Now the moon the Mega Vehicles are on in "Power Rangers" is never referred to but according to the now defunct Fox Kids website, the moon was meant to be Ganymede.
This shot is when the new footage starts back up.
Once you see the following shot of mutated Giant Darkonda, it's back to Sentai footage once again.
This shot is when the new footage starts back up again.
Here's Ecliptor, Astronema and Quantrons.
All shots of the Mega Vehicles are Sentai footage but the shots of the Rangers admiring them is new footage.
After the male voice-over says "Prepare for lift off" - Red Ranger I believe ends his line with "Let's go" and then the following shot is a group shot of the Mega Vehicles in Sentai footage. This particular shot is when the Sentai footage starts back up.
Here's Ecliptor and Elgar.

Following info comes from Mega 32.
Here's a shot of the 5 Cards.
Here's a shot of the Red Key Card.  
Here are the Mega Vehicles.    
Here's a shot of the V1 Cockpit.
Here's the V2 Cockpit.
Here's the V4 Cockpit.  
Here's Mega V5.
Here's Mega V2.
Here's Mega V1.
Here's the V5 Cockpit.
Here's the Mega V4.
Here's another shot of the Mega V5.
Here's a shot of the Mega V3.
Here's the V3 Cockpit.
Here's the Mega Voyager.
Here's the Mega Voyager Cockpit.
Here's another shot of the Mega Voyager.
Here's a shot of Mega Voyager with its Shield out while Mad Darkonda's blasts are trying to hit it.
Here's the Mega V3 Missile Mode.