This episode features footage of Waspicable which is a redesigned Zyu2 monster which you'll see in the table below.

Previous Suit

This Grumble Bee suit comes from Season 1's "Grumble Bee" episode.


Here's footage of Sting King with the Quantrons.  
Here's another shot of Sting King, also in the same shot as a Quantron but Sting King is facing Waspicable in this shot.
All shots of the Pink Ranger as soon as she appears in the forest area is new footage. Any shots of her with Waspicable is new footage due to the fact that Waspicable is a redesigned monster suit. So far all footage of the Rangers is new.
Here's 2 shots of Ecliptor with the Quantrons.  
Here's a shot of Ecliptor facing Waspicable. Ecliptor is with the Quantrons as well.
Here's Astronema and Sting King.
The footage switches to Sentai footage as soon as you see the Astro Megaship releasing the 5 Galaxy Gliders.
The weapons' Booster Modes were used in the Sentai footage of this so obviously the footage of them was used in this episode too.
Here's another new shot of Sting King, in this shot you can see the Satellasers hitting him. Some of his growing is new footage however once you see a front-view shot of him with buildings behind him, it's Sentai footage.
The shot of the Rangers calling for Astro Megazord power is new footage.

Following info comes from Mega 7.
Here's an interior shot of the Mega Ship base in Megaranger.
Here's Sting King.    
Sting King was attacked by Satellite Stunner's blast, by Astro Axe, by Star Slinger's blast, by Spiral Saber and then finally by the Lunar Lance's double energy slash. The energy slash was the final attack that defeated the monster.
Here's Giant Sting King.
Here's a shot of the Astro Megazord with its Blaster and its Shield.
The Blaster's beam is what destroys Giant Sting King.