This episode is pretty much identical to Megaranger's plot, only it doesn't end the same way. Miku declines to go on another date with Shintarou because she likes someone else but she doesn't give any hints as to who. Some of the Megarangers were arguing whether they like them, there was even the question by the girl who becomes Yellow as to whether Miku likes her. Lenny is the counterpart to Megaranger 6's Shintarou. George is the counterpart to Megaranger 6's Jirou. A difference between why Lenny and Shintarou don't talk is this: Lenny doesn't like to talk because he's afraid of saying something stupid whereas Shintarou is just way too shy.
Both Cassie and Miku try the "fake thirst routine" to get away from George/Jirou however I believe Miku asked for juice in her "fake thirst routine" whereas Cassie didn't ask for anything in particular but George said he was going to them some sodas.
The footage of the exterior shot of the building's elevator going up is Sentai footage.
Both Lenny and Shintarou got hit on the head by falling debris inside the building however with Shintarou, it happened in a hallway.
All of the 4 Space Rangers is in new footage however after Astronema and her Quantrons leave, the following shots of the 4 Rangers is new footage until you see a side shot of the 4 of them, the side shot would have their right sides pointing to the screen.
This is 1 of the rare instances of when a Space Rangers uses their special helmet's ability. Yellow uses her Scanner however the Scanner for MegaYellow is what she calls a "DigiCam Search" so it's pretty much the same thing.
The shot of Cassie helping Lenny walk in the bulding's hallway isn't tilted like it is when Miku is helping out Shintarou with walking.
The shot of the Red Ranger calling for the Mega Tank to deploy appears to be new footage since it doesn't come from Megaranger 6.
The Mega Tank's sirens never sounded in Power Rangers episodes whereas they were always going off in Megaranger as long as the vehicle was moving.
Andros had mentioned that he noticed Cassie was going to morph as soon as he saw it on Mega Tank's View Display however MegaRed said nothing about it.
Shots of the Yellow Ranger in the same shot as Lenny and Cassie are obvciously new footage.
You can tell that the footage of Lenny and Cassie getting into the Mega Tank is Sentai footage because Cassie's clothes don't match that of Miku's clothes.
Most of the footage of Elephantitan is Sentai footage except for when it comes to Astronema using the Satellasers on him as shown here. and the actual growing of it is new footage too.
Here's new footage of Giant Elephantitan. however the footage of Giant Elephantitan goes to Sentai footage as soon as it switches to a shot of it being up close to a building that was already tilted over which of course it continues attacking.
The shot of Giant Elephantitan in the same shot as Cassie is obviously new footage but I probably shouldn't have to tell you that.
As soon as Cassie morphs, everything else involving the Rangers and Giant Elephantitan is Sentai footage.
The Mega Tank was always in Sentai footage.
Here's an exterior shot of the Surf Spot.
here's a shot of Carlos playing pool in the Surf Spot with Andros and T.J. watching.

Following info comes from Megaranger 6.
The tower that falls over in Astronema's "day dream" was in MegaRanger, the new energy system Tower, the highest hi-tech building in the world.
There are 2 male guest starring characters in this ep. Shintarou and Jirou. Shintarou is the bulky one who eats donuts and is the one who is in love with the girl who becomes Pink even though he doesn't know she's a Megaranger, he's also the one who doesn't talk much.
In the building Miku and Shintarou are in as they're riding the elevator, before they had went in, Miku says that it's claimed the building is the tallest building in the world. Miku says it has a theater, a pool, a hotel and it even has a new model of energy generator.
Here's Elephantitan.    
Here's the Mega Tank.      
Here's a shot of 2 of the 4 Rangers getting into the Mega Tank.
Here's a shot of Red driving the Mega Tank.
Here's another shot of the Mega Tank.
Here's Giant Elephantitan.
Black and Blue fired their Booster Modes' blasts at Giant Elephantitan but the blasts failed at doing anything to the monster.